What is your face shape?

22 nd JULY

If you’re here it’s because you want to understand which glasses suit your face best. To do this you need to understand the shape of your face. Oval, round or very angular, the shape of our face has a fundamental influence on the choice of accessories we choose to buy. For glasses you need to understand the shape of your face. Take a flexible measuring tape (the one used by smart people, for example), paper and pen.

Stand in front of the mirror or have someone help you to take these measurements:

A – Face

Measure your forehead from side to side making sure the measuring tape is placed on the widest point.

B – Zygomes

Measure from the outer corner of one eye to the outer corner of the other eye, extending the measuring tape beyond the bridge of the nose. The tape should remain straight and be positioned just above the cheekbones.

C – Jaw

Find the base of the jaw, under the ear, then point the measuring tape and slide it along the edge of the jaw to the center. Continue to the other end.

D – Total Face Length

Point the measuring tape from the center of the hairline by sliding it to the tip of the chin. To get the correct size, hold the tape directly on your nose.


if these conditions occur:

– the total face length and the interval between the cheekbones have, roughly equal length.

– forehead and jaw have roughly the same length.

– forehead and jaw are narrower than the cheekbone line or face length.


if these conditions occur:

– all measurements found are similar to each other

– the jaw is more angular than rounded

– the chin is not very rounded, but angular


if these conditions occur:

– the face is longer than wide

– the forehead is wider than the jaw

– the angle of the jaw is rounded, not sharp.


if these conditions occur:

– pointed chin

– cheekbones are the most prominent part of the face.

and also:

– the length of the face is the element that measures more. After that, in descending order:

cheekbones, forehead, jaw.


if these conditions occur:

– tight and pointed chin

– front is wide

– high cheekbones


if these conditions occur:

– jaw is wider than cheekbones

– the interval between cheekbones is wider than the forehead measurement

Don’t recognize yourself in any category? Perhaps you have more than one of these categories at the same time, making up a very particular mix. it happens to many people. The advice is to focus, among all, the most pronounced characterization. Perhaps also using the opinion of a friend.

Have you found your form? Now let’s try to understand the ideal glasses for your face!

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