ARU Eyewar. Non-ordinary people

Since she first wore glasses, the architect Daniela Verazzo has focused one vision: to give new perspectives to the eyes of those who wear them.

From architecture to fashion design there’s a natural step for those who have aesthetics and functionality in their eyes and predilection for things done well in their heart.

So, through passion, dedication and constant research ARU Eyewear was born in 2019: an independent brand of eyeglasses and sunglasses, proudly Made in Italy.

ARU refers to the Japanese meaning of sun, bright light, spring, beautiful day.
But it’s in Italy that every single detail of the production is created, designed and produced. 

Made in Italy: Quality matches design

Creative design, functional study of structure and fit, research of materials for quality and innovation, craftsmanship of the product supported by advanced techniques. Every stage of ARU glasses production represents the perfect union of architecture, fashion and design: the quintessence of Made in Italy.

Architectural lines serving materials

ARU uses the finest Italian eyewear tradition materials (such as cellulose acetates entirely produced in Italy and accurately selected metals) with special processing,  cuts, milling and profiles; shapes and lines come from research on thicknesses, facets and combinations of materials even unusual, which highlight the colors with reflections and surprising nuances.

The collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses are supplemented by the original case/ clutch bag and the Torque, a special pendant which handles glasses with a unique elegant and functional design. 

Contemporary exclusivity

ARU is a new path. With energy and flexibility this custom work brand carries on an elitist conception of high quality and specialization and a democratic approach as business value : ARU glasses are designed for all those who love the beautiful and well done, for those who make a clear choice to frame their own worldview.